Laura Aschero was my mother. A doctor’s daughter who became a doctor’s wife, even as a girl she showed her resolute, brilliant and enterprising nature. In 1975, after having been a full-time wife and mother, at age 54 she decided, with dad’s support, to return the family lands to vineyard , with the aim of selling the grapes to local winegrowers and of creating an occupation for her husband, who was approaching retirement. But, not content to be an onlooker and at the urging of friends in the same line of business, she decided to register with the Chamber of Commerce and tried to make a little wine from her grapes.


Result: the first wine was nothing special, but right from the start the structure proved to be remarkable. Thanks to the professional advice of oenologist Gianpaolo Ramò, who still today oversees our cellar, we succeeded in creating our present-day wines: fragrant, well-balanced….


A great merit of my mum was her skill in marketing. Frank, direct and authoritative, she was quick to create an important dealer network, relying on highly-rated representatives, who still today successfully promote our wines.


As Laura was fond of saying, blood is thicker than water. And, true to the old adage, at an early age I developed a passion for the family business and began to get actively involved. At the time, I worked at a bank on weekdays and spent my evenings in the wine cellar. And, while I busied myself taking care of the wine, I used to plan how to expand and modernize the cellar. Today I can point with satisfaction to having created a technologically modern wine cellar, equipped with the most advanced machinery, in an old storeroom below the square of Pontedassio. I can also point with pride to having passed on the family passion to my daughter Bianca, who has recently begun working with me. Bianca, who has inherited her grandmother’s verve and demeanour, represents the third generation of winegrowers.

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